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Baden Wurttemberg  

Vast long & wide river many trees & vegetation, meny regular large locks. Very long starting at Schwenningen & heading north running through several German counties & joining the river Rhine system. Carp some are over 55.lbs. The true potential has yet to be known no night fishing, permits from local tackle shops. This vast river cuts through the German country side becoming very wide near the city of Heidelberg & Mannheim. A roving approach & baiting up several swims at a time is the key & moving to the next one if nothing happens. Lots of locks cut the river up into sections averaging 20 miles. Huge barges pass along the river creating lots of water movement, heavy gear leads 4.5 onz are needed to hold bottom. Night fishing is best avoiding & fish into the margins as there are plenty of snags & mussel beds. Baits boilies & particles we suggest making them square or flat to hold the bottom. Take plenty of baits as the river has a strong current. The river runs from Heidelberg south east towards Heilbron. DONT FORGET TO LET THEM KNOW WHERE YOU FOUND THEM
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