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The Malaysian jungle is home to the biggest & fiercest giant snakehead in the world there are few unpressured destinations remaining whereby the snakehead thrive & grow to 44.lbs+. With difficult & limited access to these waters, Temenggor Dam remains one of the few. Snakehead fishing in Malaysia is nothing short of heaven for passionate obsessive & addicted snakehead anglers all in search of prolific monster snakehead fishing. Temenggor Dam is Malaysias third largest dam located in Perak State of North Malaysia, 180KM from Penang International Airport. Temenggor Dams intricate network of long branching bays covering approximately 60km from the north to south of the dam is comparable to west Thailands Khao Laem Dam. Deceivingly the water surface area covers just 152 square km holding however a maximum water volume of 6050 million cubic meters due to the reservoirs massive depths. The forty year old body of water holds not only present hydro electric importance but a historic military role in cutting off communist terrorist invasion from Betong. The heavy military presence guarding the National Park area of the reservoir is strictly limited access & a secluded no fishing zone. Fish Thailand however obtain special visas for anglers to enter & fish in this zone hence the incredible snakehead fishing DONT FORGET TO LET THEM KNOW WHERE YOU FOUND THEM
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