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Etang Grand Rue Tel: 01263 825659 or 07961 428115
Saint-Ghislain, Nr Mons Rue des

Carp fishing lake situated in southern Belgium Nr the town of Mons that is close to the French border & only 40 minutes drive from the German border. The mature gravel pit covers an area of some 28 acres 12 hectares with depths to 25ft 8.5m slopping up to an average of 6ft to 10ft at the southeastern part of the lake. The numerous bays, islands & diversity of its character present opportunities for many different approaches, including stalking medium & extreme range fishing. It was the selected venue for the Army Carp competition in 2003. The results were well publicised, with the largest fish being over 22.5kg & the biggest total weight surpassing 600.lbs+ approx The venue is open all year it would be a good choice for both summer & winter sessions. The lake is fairly scenic in its entirety, however there is a railway line lying close to the southern bank that creates the odd breaking of blissful silence on a not so regular basis. The remainder of the lake is peaceful with swims etched into the tree shrub & gravelled surroundings. Some swims located along the railway bank are a little close together & slightly tight if an angler resides in each one but can be fairly productive in the right conditions. Rather than take you on a journey around the lake & the ins & outs of every swim we will name the areas that we have found productive & try to identify the reasons why. Lets start at the main entrance & move around the lake in an anti clockwise direction, Swims 1 to 3 are located nearest to the gate, the best spots to place a bait are towards the large reed & tree lined island at a range of approximately 100 yards at its closest point, alternately the plateau leading of the island at 120 yards is also a known spot. This island margin is a favourite haunt of some of the lakes larger residents but is not renowned for multiple catches & not my first choice unless the amount of surface activity indicates otherwise. The point swims to the right of the main gate along the road bank & at the entrance of the first main bay are very productive. There are many features in front of these swims including 2 pronounced bars at 110 yards range that can be located using a feature rod cast directly out towards the central part of the lake. They are often the best swims where multiple catches are common, especially when the wind is blowing in a southerly direction. The southern bay swims can hold numbers of carp when the wind is hacking into it or early summer due to it being the chosen spot for the Carp to carry out their frolicking antics. Let us digress whilst on the subject of wind direction. Most Carp anglers visiting for a holiday session will take a long range forecast with them, if not you should do that forecast will give you the direction which the wind is coming from, in our opinion amongst the most influential factors affecting the Carps habitual movements. On Rue the majority of the stock tend to be in the windy half therefore it stands to reason that a carp angler that has a forecast printout with him has the ability to forecast the rough whereabouts of the bulk of the fish, Swims 21 to 22 are fairly consistent with swim 21 known for producing many of the lakes larger inhabitants. During the competition it was this swim that produced the most 30.lbs+s & a scrapper 50.22.5 kg. Although the island directly in front of these swims looks the most inviting to intercept patrolling Carp it is not the most productive by far the better spots are to the front left looking out from swim 21 toward the bay on the opposite bank at approximately 100 yards range. Finally moveing into the back bay which is not a numbered peg but a small bay of approximately 1.5 acres & lies to the back of the large island. The swim is a bit hit & miss but the fish do get in there in numbers from time to time especially when the main lake is busy & the back bay has been left un fished for a while. Prior to considering its recommend you find out from the owner or orother anglers. In general there are many features of all types including some fairly sharp bars & 1 or 2 areas of sunken debris. DONT FORGET TO LET THEM KNOW WHERE YOU FOUND THEM
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