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Lake Survija Tel: 01375 644314
Wommelgem, Antwerp  

Tree lined lake 22.2 Acres. Carp aprox 500 carp with fish to 55.lbs+ 3 Rod max, Use a large unhooking mat, a big landing net & a larg weigh sling. Barbless hooks only, Green bivvies only, No feeding with pindas, tiger nuts ore uncooked boilies No marking the fish by cutting piece out of there fin ect, No dogs. Open 1st April till October. Permits private water none needed The banks are ideal with plenty of cover. Location, Just 82 miles from Oostende ferry port & 1 hour 30 Min drive just east of Antwerp & south of Wijegem. Toilet on site phone available & a take away. DONT FORGET TO LET THEM KNOW WHERE YOU FOUND THEM
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