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A long wide river flowing from Hasselt towards Antwerp. Size Longer than Belgium itself. Adjoining River Mass. Carp stock , Mixed fishery but plenty of small carp into double figures. Also mirrors & commons to around Record size, common. No night fishing, not policed well, Permits, A national Belgium permit available from the local post office. Comments, long river with a width of 200 meters constantly used by huge barges. Caution leaving a big wake? heavy leads are required to hold bottom & heavy line,s & traces. Some of the banks are high. Carp gather in harbours & snaggy areas. Fish the margins due to the strong flow. Web site. htp:// The canal is easy to find in Antwerp as it can be seen running east with the A13& the E313. DONT FORGET TO LET THEM KNOW WHERE YOU FOUND THEM
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