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Information about the 150km 93.2 Miles long river Garonne & the Gironde Estuary. The Garonne rises in the Pyrenees & drains a large part of the Aquitaine basin. It is navigable as a tidal river & also in 2 short sections. The section in Toulouse is 5 km 3.10 Miles long & includes 1 lock. The 2nd section extends from the confluence with the Baise at Saint Leger to the junction with the Lot outlet canal at Nicole, a distance of 4.7km 2.92 Miles. Here the river was made semi navigable in 1995 by clearing a narrow channel through the sill of marl above the confluence of the Lot. The river was thus to provide the vital navigable link between the Baise & Lot navigations. The works proved inadequate however & no passage can be made during low tide. An alternative link to the Lot will eventually have to be provided. From Nicole to Castets en Dorthe a distance of 73km 45.36 Miles the shifting channel presents numerous obstacles to navigation & depths vary considerably. Navigation is possible only during moderate floods or in light craft only. Garonne Gironde region map. The river becomes fully navigable as a tidal stream at its junction with the Canal de Garonne at Castets en Dorthe. From this point downstream the river forms part of the main waterway route across southern France from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean. At the Pont de Pierre in Bordeaux the river becomes a maritime waterway. At Bec d Ambes the Dordogne enters on the right bank the river widens considerably & changes its name to Gironde. The distance from Castets en Dorthe to Bordeaux is 54km 33.54 Miles, Bec d Ambes is a further 25km 15.53 Miles downstream & the length of the Gironde from Bec d Ambes to the sea is 71km 44.11 Miles. Navigating the tidal stream presents no exceptional difficulty, but careful attention is required & use of 1 of the waterway guides covering this river is recommended. It should further be noted that a bore sometimes forms during low flowing periods over a distance of up to 40km 24.85 Miles upstream from Bordeaux. Carp, Big Cat Fish, Tench, Pike, Roach, Bream, Perch, Chub, Pike & Zander. DONT FORGET TO LET THEM KNOW WHERE YOU FOUND THEM
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