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French Waters Details
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Main Lake, larger of the 2 lakes that we have on the complex. At around 2 acres of fishable water it is the ideal size to comfortably accommodate 2 to 3 anglers. The lake is around 40 years old has a varied bottom with superb features under the water surface. You can expect depths of 1 to 7 feet, most of which is silt with gullys & plateaus. Gravel areas, bars & weed beds surroundings left as natural as possible with a wide selection of trees & bushes, grasses & shrubs fed by water that drains down the valley so even when its hot the lake stays full & fresh. There are 4 swims on the lake that are easily accessible. The banks are just above water level so it is safe & easy to land & return the fish. All are single swims perfect for the bivvy, rods & equipment. Each swim has its own unique underwater & margin features to fish to so there is no swim better than Another Pads Lake is our smaller lake but is no less beautiful to fish. Its around 1 acre in size so will enable 2 anglers to fish together with plenty of room for three rods each. This lake has depths from 2 to 6 feet & has a silt bottom with some gravel patches. DONT FORGET TO LET THEM KNOW WHERE YOU FOUND THEM
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