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French Waters Details
Etang La Planchette Tel:  

10 acre lake has been stocked with carp 50.lbs+ plus including big Mirrors, Commons & Grass Carp. The lake is also being stocked with Sturgeon & Catfish. So with a head of over 200 fish that have never been caught before. Plus no Poisson Chat. The lake has a gravel bed thus creating an abundantly rich environment for both fish & aquatic life. The lake is teaming with snails, swan mussels, daphnia & blood worm. There is also a huge array of plants wildflowers & trees around the lake with a choice from 8 superb swims for a maximum of 6 anglers we believe this is a top of the league fishing location in France. We have chosen to keep the number of anglers to a maximum of 6 to enhance your fishing time plenty of room for each angler & to reduce the pressure on the fish. Fishing from 1 bank only which eliminates crowding & crossing lines with other anglers & providing lots of marginal areas on both the near & far banks to bait up those little hot spots. Etang La Planchette is truly a virgin carp water with the fish in stunning condition & waiting to be landed for the first time a challenge for you all. DONT FORGET TO LET THEM KNOW WHERE YOU FOUND THEM
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