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Originaly excavated for gravel around 50Years ago, Etang de Janine is a fully established 18 acre lake situated in the hear of the Loir valley & can boast a healthy head of good quality hard fighting carp in excess of 50.lbs+ Hidden away in the heart of French tranquility nestled in between 3 other lakes & hugged by the picturesque Loir river, Janine is the perfect venue to come to for your Carping holidays. A venue prepared by an euthusiastic carpist for the travelling angler. Arable farmland & woods making up the surrounding boundaries. At 8.6 Hectares 18 acres tree lined with plush grassy banks. The lake depths range from 3 to 9ft with the average being 8ft. Being a gravel pit the lake bed is packed with features gravel bars, gullies & plateaus, patches, bars, broken ground, silt holes & flats with a few tree stumps & light weed beds scattered around the margins. Natural food is in abundunce so choose your bait wisely, good boilies, pellets, tigers, maize & hemp all produce well. The margins are lined with over hanging trees & bushes & should not be ignored. The whole complex is fully fenced in making it a very safe & secure environment. Ideally suited to the more experienced angler or someone wanting to take the next step up from the usual runs waters Etang de Janine can promise to fulfil your expectations. DONT FORGET TO LET THEM KNOW WHERE YOU FOUND THEM
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