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Lake Belvare is a case´ny lake, case´ny lakes have arisen between 1600 and 1800 dug by the monks who used the lakes as a source of breeding carp for the table. Due to the fertile environment they provide excellent habitat for carp to breed and grow quickly and did provide substantial food for the monks. Therefore todays existing carp at Lake Belvare are direct decendants from the original carp introduced to the lake centuries ago. The carp originate from the Middle of Asia (mainly Kaspian sea) and from Eastern to Western Europe. The Romans transported the ancestors of the current carp from the river basin of Donau in Italy and these fish were highly valued as a gourmet food. The monks came centuries later and these carp from the lakes were used as an excellent food source in the period of fasting. It is almost certain that as from the 14th century carp occured within Holland and France especially within convent/monastary ponds. These ponds are called casein lakes because the lake bed and surrounding ground are very fertile and threrfore provide an excellent habitat for the carp especially for breeding and food stuff. From the wild carp humans have developed several different carp species. These carp now roam within Lake Belvare. Under favourable circumstances (regular feeding, constant water temperature) the carp grow very fast, and it is possible that three year old carp are already rapidly reaching an average length of 36 cm, four year old carp 45 cm and six year old carp 70 cm. Following research we have been able to confirm (due to scale ring size) that many of the large carp within the lake have grown very quickly therefore they are still in there prime. A french carp of 64lb was caught and was only 12 years old, which was proven in our research. With an age analysis in controllable lakes, the last carp died of an age of 47 years. Now you have a good understanding of what kind of water Lake Belvare is all about Lake Belvare is a water contained within an area which has 30 lakes in total, Carp Vision in conjunction with marine experts and the owners have developed these waters for the benefit of carp anglers. YOU can observe now already a bit of Lake Belvare, no one have put down a foot except the owner on this land, let stand that someone has fished on carp. Some additional carp between 40-50lbs have been added to the main lake from adjoining waters within the development. DONT FORGET TO LET THEM KNOW WHERE YOU FOUND THEM
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