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Two Island lake Tel:  

Two Island is a venue with many varities, not only by its bank line but also by the different depths which give excellent character and a lot of possibilities for anglers. The depths range from 0.50cm to 12 meters, the swims are carefully selected and provide the angler with plenty of space to fish. On Two Island weed is present but it is certainly not a problem because we have already proved this with test fishing. For this reason a boat is useful to bring your bait and your hook bait to your spot, there are boats available for hire. Weed is not present on all swims, in 2007 some grass carp were added to the lake to reduce the weed, not all weed will disappear because the carp grows very quick with enough natural food and everybody wants to catch a big carp. We recommend however, that you fish with a minimum of 30% on this water. DONT FORGET TO LET THEM KNOW WHERE YOU FOUND THEM
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