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French Waters Details
Etang Des Royales Tel:  
Nr St Dizier  

25 acre comprises of 2 well stocked carp fishing lakes. The entire angling complex is fenced with a secure set of entry gates, There is a large car park and vehicle access around the lake, so if you wish to drop your tackle off at your swim on the main lake, you can. The main carp fishing lake is 15 acres, has a gravel bottom with plenty of features and an average depth of about 6-7ft with the deepest part reaching 9ft. There are also deep margins allowing the fish to be landed with ease. The bank of the lake is also gravel, lined with mature trees and bushes. There are 18 swims on the main lake, some doubles but most are singles, excellent head of carp ranging from upper doubles to over the magic 50lb mark, with a large number being over 40lb, many catfish are present with a 104lb lake record. The smaller of the two carp fishing lakes is approximately 5 acres, also with a gravel bottom, depth between 4-6ft, gravel bank and surrounded by mature trees. We have built 4 swims on one side of this lake, which has approximately 300 carp up to mid 20lb with three over 40lb. This lake also contains catfish to over 100lbs+. DONT FORGET TO LET THEM KNOW WHERE YOU FOUND THEM
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