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Etang Des Landes Tel: 07931 312496
Neuvillette-en-Charnie 72140
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More Carp Being Stocked For The 2017 Season. To make the fishing even better here at Etang des Landes we are very excited to announce that we will be stocking more carp into our lake ready for the 2017 season, There will be 35 hand picked virgin French carp all weighing over 20.lbs+ that have never been fished for, stocked into our lake this coming winter. This will bring our total stock numbers to well over 200 carp in a 5 acre lake making Etang des Landes one of the best premier small carp lakes in France. All keen carp anglers know that you stand a better chance of beating your personal best here in France. This is certainly true at Etang des Landes. The 5 acre clay & silt bed lake features around 200 carp some in the 50.lbs+ range we are especially known for our big English looking Common Carp. See our gallery When we took control of the lake in 2013 we put in place a major lake management & feeding programme included in this was a total lake drain down & removal of any unwanted or nuisance fish. After doing this work the remaining stock of Carp have grown considerably. We can now say that we have a huge number of carp over 40.lbs+. There are more & more carp in the mid to high 40.lbs+, with some now in the 50.lbs+ range at present but the full potential of the lake is yet to be discovered. The lake is stream & spring fed & has a constant flow of fresh water entering the lake because of this it is constantly being renewed & aerated making it a great environment for fish growth. The depths vary from 12ft down to 3ft. We have 2 great features on the lake, the first being the stone walled island with a beautiful & very old maple tree in the middle of the lake & the second being an 18th century boathouse overlooking the lake. There are 7 purpose built swims which all have good access to the waters edge making it easy to land fish. There are 3 car park spaces around the lake making it easy in getting your gear to your chosen swim. With this number of large carp in a 5 acre lake youve got a great chance of beating your personal best. DONT FORGET TO LET THEM KNOW WHERE YOU FOUND THEM
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