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French Waters Details
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Bill's Lake 1 The lake contains huge carp to over 58lb along with giant catfish to over 120lb+. We also have grass carp to over 47lb and sturgeon to 30lb+. The lake is 14 acres with 15 swims giving ample room for a maximum of 10 anglers. Each of the double swim has plenty of room for two, two man bivvies, steps to the waters edge, a slabbed area with a pub style bench plus a weighing tripod and beany mat for weighing the fish properly. Bill's Lake 2 The stock in this lake is enormous with 250 Carp, 20 Catfish, 2 Sturgeon, numerous Grass Carp and 6 Koi Carp with a lake record carp of 47lb+. The lake is 3Ĺ acres and bordered on 3 sides by mature trees with an average depth of 3 meters. On Billís Lake 2 there is a fully equipped caravan included in the price which includes a double hob, fridge and somewhere to sit and eat in comfort plus there is a separate porta loo cabin. Bill's Lake 3 Fish stocks are very high in this lake with the average stamp of fish being a little smaller than the other 2, however, there is a very large head of 30lbs+ fish and a few surprise 40lbs+ too! It is 8 acres in size and has an average depth of 3.5 meters. The swims are set along one bank with the facing bank being out of bounds. This causes a natural haven for the fish with multiple catches coming from itsí margin. In each lake the fish are in pristine condition with regular stocking taking place where needed each year. As the lakes are now well established the fish are getting huge with massive weight gains being recorded in all 3 lakes. DONT FORGET TO LET THE VENUE OWNERS KNOW WHERE YOU FOUND THEM
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