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French Waters Details
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The main lake is approximately 3 acres & is up to 14ft deep it has deep margins & a hard bottom made up of gravel & sand with just a couple of silty areas, it is spring & stream fed so there is a good constant flow of water that combined with the depth helps to maintain a constant temperature, so during the summer months when a lot of other waters switch off ours keeps producing. Above water level features are an island, lily pads, plenty of overhanging trees & a couple of reed beds but there is also numerous underwater features, some channels have naturally been created by the 2 streams that run into the lake the overflow from one of the other lakes has created a very deep channel which the fish seem to love we have also created some great features for you to fish to such as various plateaus & bars that can be found around the lake we are only to happy to point these out to you or you can just experiment & find them for yourself but for each swim we made we tried to create a couple of features out in front of it. In January 2008 the lake was drained & we did our best to remove all the dangerous snags from the lake to try & keep the fish as safe as possible & minimise the amount of fish that could be lost & left dragging tackle along behind them. At the moment there are 4 swims on the lake 3 large single swims & 1 large double. The swims have been built using logs & the surface is bark so we can keep the natural effect. The swims are fairly close together making it an ideal venue for a sociable week away fishing. In the future we do hope to build 2 more swims along the dam wall. In addition but included in the price is another lake of approximately 0.5 of a acre that has carp to 20lbs & roach, we have not previously mentioned this lake really but last year it proved quite popular with people they would just go up there & have a play, catch some roach & do a bit of stalking it is full of features, huge lily pads, large rocks, overhanging & fallen trees. DONT FORGET TO LET THEM KNOW WHERE YOU HAVE FOUND THEM
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