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French Waters Details
Etang de la Poiteviniere Tel:  

Private lake created over 250 years ago by building a dam in a river. Size 160 acres. Carp stock. Around 1000 carp. 70% are over 20.lbs, 20% are over 30.lbs+ & 10% are over 40.lbs+. There are a couple of catfish estimated over 100.lbs+ so be prepared Record size 51.lbs+. Category. Easy. Restrictions. No boats or bait boats allowed. Permits for 24 hours on the Forest Bank or on the Chateau Bank. Comments. A very beautiful large lake with depth going down to 15ft shallows of to 2ft. The bottom is mostly uniform with very little changes in depth and genuinely hard. The banks have 30 large platforms to fish from with enough natural banks close by if you prefer. DONT FORGET TO LET THEM KNOW WHERE YOU FOUND THEM
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