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French Waters Details
Lake Meunier & Les Fortinieres Tel:  

10 acres with 3 islands & 8 swims to choose from, there is a shallow area in one corner which is great for stalking. our second lake, willow lake is 2 acres & holds Carp to 30.lbs lots of. Stocked with a fantastic head of mature big carp to 50.lbs+. There are also a recorded 100 of 30.lbs to 40.lbs+ carp and around 200 20lb plus carp, which is a terrific number but is testament to quality fishery management. To compliment this head of carp there are also grass carp to over 44.lbs & 1 catfish of 110.lbs. DONT FORGET TO LET THEM KNOW WHERE YOU FOUND THEM
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