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40 acre country estate, our 15 acre spring fed lake, offers superb specimen carp fishing in secluded surroundings. Originally dug for gravel extraction in the 1920s it has the look of a very mature estate lake. Being a gravel pit, the depth and contour features are varied. Depths range between 3ft and 8ft and the lake bed is a mixture of hard clay, gravel and silt. There are numerous underwater features, include an old creek bed. Margin growth is excellent. Bulrushes, reed beds and overhanging bushes are all present. Twenty one swims have been placed strategically around the perimeter and with a maximum of 8 Anglers, every guest is guaranteed his share of water with a minimum of 14 swims to choose from. There are several double swims and the north bank can accommodate larger groups of anglers that want to fish together.Access around the lake is very good. Flat grassy banks and easy vehicular access is maintained around most of the lake. The forest area on the west bank is being left to develop naturally and only the track to the swims 160 specimen Carp were added in 2005 at weights between to 45.lbs together with 5 Catfish between 60.lbs+ 95.lbs+. Since then we have added an additional 35 specimen fish, including 6 new 50.lbs+ fish and 7 new 40.lbs+ to 50.lbs+ fish. We will continue to replace our smaller fish with bigger specimens on an ongoing basis. DONT FORGET TO LET THEM KNOW WHERE YOU FOUND THEM
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