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The original stock consisted of 300 to 400 mirrors, commons & grass carp, it was enhanced in Nov 2004 with 1.5 ton of carp ranging from 22.lbd to 47.lbs 11kg to 21kg. An additional half ton of 30.lbs 13.5kg plus carp were added in late Nov. This year 10 x 30s 13.5kg 2 x 50s 23kg & a 67.lbs 30kg catfish have been stocked. The 2 X 50.lbs+ are known as Ronny & Regie after the Krays the current lake record is not expected to stand for long as the fish are gaining some impressive weights. The current records stand at 56.2.lbs 25kg mirror & 45.8.lbs 20kg common. Weight gains taken into consideration, the lake now contains an estimated 100 x 30s 13.5kg, 40 x 40s 17.5kg & 6 x 50s 22.5kg. Rules No1 plastic, 2 All fish to be treated with carp clinic 3 No lead core 4 No unattended rods 5 No rowing boats remote control boats are allowed 6 No encroaching on other anglers swims 7 Particles must be purchased onsite pre orders are taken upon reservation 8 3 rods per angler. Swims & features, The mature triangular shaped gravel pit has many features including a number of prominent gravel bars marginal spots snags gravel humps bumps & overhanging trees. All of the swims have been strategically located i.e. all have features of some description in front of them. There is ample room to park the car within your own area therefore the carp porter can stay at home as there are no long walks with the gear. 4 of the swims are big enough for 2 large bivvies & still have ample room to cast & play fish. DONT FORGET TO LET THEM KNOW WHERE YOU FOUND THEM
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