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French Waters Details
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The lake is shaped like an Xmas stocking, with swim 5 tucked neatly on the dam wall at the toe end & the facilities at the opposite end close to the entrance & swim 1. The lake bottom is fairly even mainly silt with an average depth of between 1.5 & 2m & is at its shallowest between swims 3 & 5. One side of the lake affords plenty of shade & the other bank is much more open. Each of the 6 large double swims are spacious & well positioned affording around 5 acres of water for each swim, so there are plenty of fishing options. Swims are booked in advance at Jonchery so youll need to decide which swim you would like when you book. If you cant decide give us a call well be happy to help. Each swim has a rowing boat that can be used for ground baiting for 2 hours at set times in the morning & evening. Youre also welcome to use your own baitboats providing you respect these baiting hours. There's a nice even gravel track all around the lake so getting your tackle to your swim by car is easy. Around 100m away is sited the sister lake Jonchery 7 which you can book with this lake to accept groups of up to 14 anglers on the complex. DONT FORGET TO LET THEM KNOW WHERE YOU FOUND THEM
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