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A short 1.5 hours from St Malo & 2.5 hours from Caen. Etang Bertie has its own private driveway. This driveway leads you to an exclusive water with top notch accommodation. Etang Bertie & its accommodation are private & exclusive to your party. The superbly managed grounds in which the 4 acre lake is just 100 yards from the house. The perimeter of the lake is lined with rushes, mature trees offer excellent cover for the bivvy angler. There is good access all round the lake with flat firm grass banks forming the perfect area for your bivvy. You could on the other hand take advantage of the 5 purpose built swims which are dotted around the lake in strategic positions. Features include a small island which is within an easy casting range of 60 yards from the furthest bank. Depths run from 2 to 3ft at the near margin up to 16 to 18ft in the top left corner. This is an extremely well stocked carp & catfish venue with both mirrors & commons topping 45.lbs+ mark & cats of 90.lbs+. If that is not enough, 70.lbs+ big head carp should whet your appetite. DONT FORGET TO LET THEM KNOW WHERE YOU FOUND THEM
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