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The beautiful lake of Etang La Planchette is situated in the rural countryside of the Lorraine district of France. The lake is set in natural landscaped surroundings. Etang La Planchette is a fantastic new big carp lake that has never been fished before. The water is by no means a pushover as some of the original stock carp are wise old lumps and only those who put in the most effort will reap the best rewards. Etang La Planchette has been set up for loads of action! Newly stocked in October and November 2008 with Mirror, Common and Grass Carp to 50 lbs plus, and Sturgeon and Catfish - so it will keep your bite alarms screaming! 10 acres of big carp lake with a few lily pad beds in a tranquil setting, with a maximum of 6 anglers means you have all the space you need for your fishing. DONT FORGET TO LET THEM KNOW WHERE YOU FOUND THEM
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