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up to 55.lbs+. There are grass carp up to 40.lbs, a large amount of carp 20.lbs+ with plenty of thirties. Catches of 50 to 80 carp in a week is not uncommon. Boux is in the beautiful Morvan region of France, the lake is set in quiet countryside with no public footpaths or public access.Supermarkets & local shops are only 5 minutes away from the lake & toilets, showers are available on site. The lake is rented out on an exclusive basis from Saturday to Saturday for a maximum of 5 anglers. The maximum cast distance is under 100 yards & most fish get caught within 30 yards of the bank. A boat is recommended for rig placement. Boux fish respond well to single hookbaits & light baiting strategies DONT FORGET TO LET THEM KNOW WHERE YOU FOUND THEM
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