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This 4 acres lake is set in 12 acres of idyllic setting, is over one hundred years old & was last drained 14 years ago. I am assured by the previous owner at the time of the draining all the small Carp between 2 to 4 kilos were removed from the lake, along with the silver fish, Tench & Pike etc. There were Carp to in excess of 14 kilos left in the lake, its hard to gather just how many but the previous owner assures me that there were at least 10 Carp of this size left along with a few Pike, Roach, Perch & Tench. The only reason that the large Carp were left is because they are no good for EATING. The lake was re stocked 1 month later with approximately 65 Carp of 8 to 10 kilos & 9 Catfish each weighing approximately 12 kilos. These fish came from a lake in the next village which had also been drained. This took place in November of 1989. The lake has been left unfished & nobody has even swam in it since then. As a result many of the Carp have grown very big, the best fish caught todate is a mirror of caught by myself on a strawberry flavour boilie. My dad & I are the only anglers to have fished the lake & we are both sure that judging from our observation of the lake & of our knowledge, that there are bigger Carp that reside in Etang des Merault, Catfish for sure although we have still yet to bank one. Weve come close, but it still hurts me too much to tell you about it. Facilities at Etang des Merault has a fully equipped 5 berth caravan 6 with a pus which has toilet, shower, cooking, & sleeping facilities, there is also a lounge area. The caravan is situated 100ft from the bankside. There is a small play area for the children in addition to a further 8 acres to get lost in. There is a restaurant, tabac, butchers & bakers in the village. DONT FORGET TO LET THEM KNOW WHERE YOU FOUND THEM
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