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French Waters Details
The Old Mill Lake Tel:  

Open April to October inclusive. 5 acre stream fed Lake with depths near the source of 3ft & at the dam end over 12ft. The Lake is situated on private agricultural land so no permit is required & night fishing is legal. At the shallow end the lake bed has a sandy bottom with large sandbanks along the far, tree lined margin & deeper pockets towards the near side bank. The Lake then runs through a large lily bed in front of the cabin & as the lake deepens towards the dam end the lake bed becomes silty. Stocked in 2002 with over 100 fast growing Italian strain Carp a few of which are now topping the 38.lbs+ whilst the majority remain in the low to mid teens and a few in the mid twenty bracket. All are hard fighting fish and a pleasure to catch. The lake also contains 50 Catfish varying in size from mid teens to around 50.lbs+ . There is also a large head of Pike 20.lbs+ or more. These now compliment the existing stock of Carp some of which in 2002 weighed in the low teens. Swims 1 & 2 are situated either side of the lily pads & close to the cabin. The swim to the left of the cabin has both a high & low water options & large bivvy area whilst the swim to the right of the cabin is large enough to acommodate 2 bivies with ease. Swims 3 & 4 are on the far tree lined bank, well spaced with deeper water in front of them. Swim 4 is at present only fishable at high water but this is soon to be remedied. These are only accessible by boat provided as it is a long walk around the dam over difficult terrain. Bait boats are permitted & indeed desireable for fishing the tree lined margin provided they are used responsibly. Swim 3 is a generously sized double swim whilst swim 4 is a single best fished when the water is high. English bailiff. DONT FORGET TO LET THEM KNOW WHERE YOU FOUND THEM
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