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French Waters Details
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Between 4 & 5 acres & was originally dug in 1966 but re shaping work was carried out in 2003. Depths vary from 3ft to 9ft. Over the last 3 years the lake has matured nicely, rushes, reeds & various bankside cover now border the lake although various attempts to plant lilly pads have failed as the fish love to rip them up. The bottom is mainly flat but raised areas, stoney areas, silt, a couple of bars & a nicely shaped gulley give plenty of underwater features to find. There are also over hanging trees on the island to fish to & a spit that splits part of the lake towards the island there is also a small back bay with an island that the fish like to visit for some peace & quiet. There are 5 main bivvy swims which have solar lights to mark the waters edge, picnic benches & places to hang up unhooking mats. Dannos swim this is on othe opposite side of the lake from the lodge there is a shallow bar to the right hand side with a Lshaped gulley behind, you also have over hanging trees to fish to on the left hand side and also on the far bank one side of the spit you can also fish to gap between the island & the spit. Bus shelter swim this is on the same bank as dannos swim the bottom is mainly feature less but you can find hard spots & silty spots you also have the island, open water and nice margins to fish to. Also you can fish to the area that the fish have been fed in. Lazy man swim yes you probably guessed it right beside the lodge the bottom is more or less the same as the bus shelter swim also with the island, margins & fish feeding area to fish to. The point swim on the same side as the lodge on the opposite side of the spit to dannos swim, the bottom has a bar that runs straight out infront of the swim across to the far bank the spit stoney areas, deeper holes, far bank overhanging trees & nice margins make this an interesting swim to fish. Scotts bay swim just around the corner from the point on its own, only a small bay with a small island to one side. Many people neglect this swim as there is only a small amount of water, but the fish love to hide up in there especially when the wind blows into the bay, ideal for ambushing the fish with 2rods. There is a rowing boat at the lake for your use but please use the life jacket that is provided. Bait boats are also permitted. DONT FORGET TO LET THEM KNOW WHERE YOU FOUND THEM
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