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Description, It has achieved phenomenal growth rates the carp averaging over 30lb with more than 20 to 40lb carp in the lake with 2 different 50s caught in 2004. We fully expect Meadow Lake to take on Mirror Pool as our premier water over the next couple of years. We bought Meadow Lake in 2000 with the aim of making the lake a prolific venue where the angler would experience arm aching action from 20lb plus carp. This we have achieved with over 350 big carp stocked over the past 12 months, in addition to the existing stock present in the lake over the past 20 years. To make the venue even more exciting we have stocked 55 catfish together with a number of 30lb plus grass carp. We restrict the number of anglers to only 6 on this beautiful 10 acre lake. This provides enormous scope to move swims or go stalking without feeling hemmed in by other anglers. Meadow Lake nestles in the folds of the surrounding hills providing unbelievable peace & tranquillity only overlooked by a solitary farmhouse. The stock of carp introduced to the lake come from the same source as those introduced to our other venues. These large framed carp have shown exceptional growth rates and have put on up to 9lb of weight a year. Facilities, You can expect a holiday to remember at Meadow Lake with arm aching action in beautiful surroundings with only a small number of like minded anglers fishing the water at the same time as you. This, together with the on site shower, toilet & kitchen, provides you with all the facilities you would expect from a first class venue. DONT FORGET TO LET THEM KNOW WHERE YOU FOUND THEM
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