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Located between Poitiers & Limoges, Lac de Villedon is a stunning 100 acre carp fishing lake 40 Hectares that stretches out over 2km & has an average width of 200 meters. This dutch owned lake is stocked with 1200 carp with an average weight of 33.lbs & the biggest carp reach the barrier. In Holland Lac de Villedon is very known to the carp fishing scene & we are truly convinced that our english clients will appreciate this venue very much. Theres total tranquility, fantastic surroundings, superb swims, amazing fish. The Lake, As said before, Villedon is a long lake, with a total surface of 100 acres that is fed by a river that constantly brings in fresh water. On the other end theres a dam, behind which youll find the clubhouse, the sanitary building & the holiday home gite. Most of the swims are only accessible by boat. The lake features an irregular pattern with lots of bays & peninsulas. The bottom is fairly flat & consists out of a rich silty layer that covers the sandy & gravel bottom. There are hardly any obstacles. The depths range from 80cm in the bays & 2 meters in the middle of the lake. Near the dam, however, the depths reach about 4 meters. There is almost no weed formation and you wont be bothered by crayfish or poisson chat. The Stocking, Every 2 years the management organizes a complete drain down of the lake to check the complete fish stock. All the small carp are removed & are released in the Dutch Mirror Carp Project lakes. Lac de Villedon counts 1200 carp with an average weight of 33.lbs. There are lots of fish over this mark & they are still pretty easy to catch. Theres also pike, zander, bass & silver fish. You can fish without any problem for silver fish fishing for pike & zander however, is not allowed. The biggest mirror carp was 59.52lbs & the common carp record is currently 44.lbs. We are sure that the first 60.lbs will be banked very soon. The swims, 22 swims are dotted around the lake with a maximum capacity of 34 anglers. This means that each angler has a minimum surface of almost 3 acres at his disposal. Swim 1 lies close to the dam, in front of the 6 person holiday home gite. When you rent the gite for 4 anglers youll get swim 1 & 2. Most of the swims are doubles that only have boat access. Swims 8 & 12 are single swims, swims 7 & 8 for example, can be booked for 3 anglers. Swims 15 & 19 are spacious swims that can be booked for 3 anglers each. Behind swim 21 theres a simple cabin with a nice little terrace. The cabin features a little kitchen 2 beds & a table for 2 persons. Theres still no running water, but there is a wash basin with a sink. Swim 20 can be reached by foot & a group of 4 anglers can book swim 20 & 21 + cabin. Swim 22 lies in front of a luxury villa that is available for the carp anglers with stunning views over the lake. Its a 10 person holiday home with 4 suites with double beds & 1 bedroom. 1 of the bathrooms features a 4 person sauna. Theres a heated indoor swimming pool & a home cinema. Sheets are included in the price. You should bring your own towels. In case there are more than 2 carp anglers in this villa, you can also book swim 3 at the other side of the lake to have some more space. Facilities & Service, The sanitary building has showers, toilets & washbasins. Lac de Villedon has a great service. There are 2 persons at all times at your disposal to help you with fishing & other issues. Theres a small tackle shop in the club house where you can find freezers to store your bait food, etc. The clubhouse serves food & drinks as well. You can even order your food on the swim. The management has complete fishing gear for rent, boats, electric motors & they sell boilies, pellets & particles. Bait boats are not for rent. They also offer a bread service, you order your bread the night before & the next day you can pick up your bread at the club house. The nearest supermarket is situated at a 15 minute drive from the lake. DONT FORGET TO LET THEM KNOW WHERE YOU FOUND THEM
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