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The lake was built in the early 1960s & was used by the previous owner to farm fish for food, it had never been fished seriously before we took it over. We allow a maximum of 6 people with a maximum of 4 fishing, exclusive use only, this is to keep the pressure off the lake so that everyone has a really good chance to catch a good number of fish during their stay here. Quite a lot of us have been to lakes to fish for carp in England, some of us for Carp fishing in France as well where you struggle to find a decent swim or are told that is where you are fishing for the week arguments over what area is yours to fish because of the numbers of anglers, this does not happen here as there is plenty of room for the number of people we allow & due to the stocking levels you will never be far away from the fish of your dreams wherever you decide to fish from. Woodpecker Pool is exclusively for your use only for the duration of your stay & is 2.5 acres in size & is easily accessible all around and it is in a secluded garden setting. There is a small boathouse which gives it the feel of an old English estate lake a small island also adds to the character of the lake. Around the lake there are several different types of tree including, poplars, silver birch, willow, several different firs, oak, walnuts, figs, pear, apple & cherry. All of the banks are flat & are grass so it is ideally suited to the less mobile angler, there are no restrictions of where you can fish from it is also an ideal lake to stalk as the dam bank has a lot of overhanging silver birches but the branches are all clear of the water & the carp love to hide away at times under these in the summer when it is hot. The lake depth varies from a few inches to approximately 8 feet at its deepest on the dam side and has a generally flat bottom of gravel & clay with a few silt pockets. The lake is totally landlocked & is spring fed so the water quality is excellent. There is no weed or lilies in the lake & very few snags. There are no Poisson Chat or Bream in the lake. DONT FORGET TO LET THEM KNOW WHERE YOU FOUND THEM
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