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A beautiful stream & spring fed mature lake of just under 4 acres 200 metres long & 70 metres wide. Depths vary from 1 metre where the stream enters & to up to 5 metres at the dam end. The lake has a certificate of Private Status awarded by the Department of Agriculture & Forestry, which we secured in 2007. This means anglers do not need to buy any form of licence there are no seasonal restrictions & fishing is permissible 24 hours a day. Levels are always maintained in the lake by the incoming streams & also by springs that can be seen bubbling from the lake bed. In the severe drought in France in summer 2006, when many lakes actually dried up Sweet chestnut lake retained its full height. The lake bed has a combination of rock, clay & silt & there is no significant weed or snags. Half of the lake has lovely flat grassed banks level with the waters edge. The remaining half is left more undisturbed as a wild life haven but we have created access points for anglers between the trees ideal for stalking. The lake is surrounded by native woodland . The predominant tree species being Sweet Chestnut & Oak with Birch, Alder, Poplar and Willow also in abundance. Beneath the tree canopy is a profusion of other native vegetation, including Gorse & Broom, Alder Buckthorn & Bracken. Orchids have been seen growing in the shade of the trees. Carp. DONT FORGET TO LET THEM KNOW WHERE YOU FOUND THEM
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