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St. Leonards Carp Lakes are 2 beautifully matured lakes. The original mill house was built in 1710 & the lakes were formed at this time. Since 2006 the main lake has been stocked every year with big carp. There is now a large head of carp with fish attaining weights to mid 50.lbs+. There is also a large stock of natural carp including grass carp. The main lake is 10 acres & accommodates up to 8 anglers & can be reserved exclusively for party bookings if you would like. You also have the choice to fish the 2nd lake & no extra cost. This lake is 2acres & has a good of carp with fish reaching the 30.lbs+ mark. St Leonards also has a licensed on site cafe serving hot & cold food throughout the day. We also supply bait including boilies, pop ups & prepared buckets of mixed particles. St Leonards Carp Lakes is a family run business & a truly beautiful destination for serious carpers who appreciate excellent fishing & fantastic facilities all set in a stunning easily accessible area of France. The Island swim In our ongoing devlopment of St leonards Carp Lakes, we are pleased to offer a new swim to our anglers in the SW corner of the lake is a small island previously unreachable but now we have provided access to this location to allow fishing to more features on the lake. You can now fish to areas that could only be accessed by bait boat at 150 yard range with 30 yard casts. We have continued to clear snags from the main carp lake to reduce the likelyhood of lost fish & inaccessible fish holding areas. DONT FORGET TO LET THEM KNOW WHERE YOU FOUND THEM
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