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Three of the seven swims are doubles and all are to be considered hot. Year round feeding of the fish is carried out in all areas of the lake. This not only ensures continued growth of the fish but also keeps them on the move.Our main lake is spring fed and is approximately 4.5 acres in size. Due to its location in the Lorraine region of France, which is renowned for its microclimates, it maintains a temperature consistently higher than all UK waters. During the summer of 2005, whilst 85% of France suffered drought, the water level at Lac de Paix actually rose by 2 inches.In the main lake the water is oxygenated by a continuous replenishment from the natural springs below the lake bed, eventually draining off into the nature reserve behind the dam; this means flooding is virtually impossible. The stock ponds are fed from the same stream that supplies water to two local villages - the quality of water here is very high.The stock lakes have been established for around 70 years and hold many fish from decades gone by, the largest of which have been placed in the main lake. Lac de Paix is a 1980's clay digging and has been designed to satisfy anglers looking for a combination of runs - and sizable fish. We have achieved this by selecting an appropriate water to accommodate large carp and then adding over 1 ton of top quality fast growing carp to the original stock. There are no poisson-chat or crayfish in the lake. Lac de Paix is set in 10 acres of fenced, privately owned breathtaking French countryside, surrounded by hundreds of acres of forest and farmland. Night fishing here is allowed and no permits are required.There is easy access to all parts of the venue on foot all pathways are well maintaned. DONT FORGET TO LET THEM KNOW WHERE YOU FOUND THEM
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