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3.5 acre lake set in the Mayenne countryside less than 100 miles from the ferry at Caen. This venue is extremely private set in its own fenced grounds in a tranquil & peaceful area of Normandy. Staying here really is like having your own carp lake in your own garden & is immediately inviting the moment you pass through the entrance gate. The lawns are beautifully kept with a mature trees & bankside vegetation its a little piece of heaven. The lake can comfortably fish up to 4 anglers & the on site accommodation has room for 4 also. You can book the lake exclusive for your party up to 4 anglers but they also accept bookings from pairs of anglers who are happy to share the facilities. The venue is owned by an English couple, David & Chris Ayress who live nearby & are very welcoming & friendly. Sauvelliere is a mature 3.5 acre lake surrounded by grassy banks & established trees, dammed at 1 end & with an island providing a natural haven for the carp at the chalet end. It is fed by a natural spring so the water quality is excellent. The lake shape is varied & interesting & 4 anglers will be able to fish comfortably without fear of impeding each other. The depth of the lake varies, averaging 2 to 3m in the centre, down to less than 1m in the shallows by the island. David tells us that stalking carp in these areas can be very productive. The lake also holds tench, perch & trout as well as good head of roach & rudd. Stock: As the venue has never been seriously carp fished its difficult to ascertain the existing carp stocks but fish of double figure to low 20.lbs were deffinitely present as was a good head of mixed coarse fish. The owner has stocked larger carp the first batch of which were introduced in 2005 & consisted of 30 carp for an average weight of around 23.lbs+. The owner did not finish there a large 42.lbs+ mirror was stocked in 2006. In November 2006 netsmen came to Sauvelliere to remove some of the unwanted small carp. This was followed in 2006 by additional carp being added to supplement the existing stock. This consisted of 56 largest 36.lbs+. DONT FORGET TO LET THEM KNOW WHERE YOU FOUND THEM
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