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French Waters Details
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Fish are mint big & heavy. Every danger of a 40 or bigger. Think carefully about who you bring. Around 400 carp in less than 10 acres. Youd think it would be easy. Sometimes it is. Most of the time it takes some figuring out. The lakes over 300 years old with plenty of natural food. They dont have to rely on bait to survive so most dont get caught too often. That little weed few snags & the level of care shown by Redmill anglers is probably why theyre in such fabulous condition. Depth varies from 10ft to 3ft silty with hard patches. The islands are an angler magnet. Open water features are more subtle. You dont need anything more than a catapult to get bait where they feed. A spod can be useful used thoughtfully. Baitboats arent fishing. The fish are mobile. Although they dont cruise on the surface they do give themselves away. Occasionally a good angler hauls on his first visit. Most relax once theyve had a fish to remember. Theres 1 double swim & others close enough to fish socially. A maximum of 8 anglers means there are always free swims if you want to move. It makes sense to share the ferry cost, but if you do come youll probably wish youd come alone & gone fishing. Weve got a few regular groups that who bring less experienced carp anglers not a problem as we know the score & they look after them. But, supervising someone will impact your own fishing. Better to share the lake with other like minded anglers turn a good holiday into the session youll never forget. DONT FORGET TO LET THEM KNOW WHERE YOU FOUND THEM
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