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Old Oaks Lake Tel: 01773 590077 or 08450 503322
Nr Laroussi  
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Gravel pit of around 5 acres situated just opposite Laroussi around 3 hours from Caen. It had never been fished until 2006 being left wild & undisturbed since it was dug. A delightfully pretty little water it will comfortably accommodate 5 anglers & will accept single bookings or you can book it exclusively just for your party. Fishing is from 1 bank & is certainly exciting with a host of features including plateaus weed beds gullies & overhanging vegetation. Vehicle access is possible along all of the fishing bank. In the past poisson chat have been a nuisance in the summer months mainly June & July but they were hardly present at all in the 2009 season. Just go prepared in case they do make an appearance. The Lake does hold a significant number of original fish. These carp are mostly very dark mirrors averaging around 25.lbs+ in weight as well as a few smaller commons fish were added in November 2005 this was followed by more stockings in 2006. Each time only top quality fish were introduced all handpicked by Mehdi. As the catch reports show the stock levels are very good theres certainly no shortage of fish. Take a look at the catch returns & youll see that Old Oaks Lake delivers a lot of 30.lbs+ & amongst them are 40.lbs+ & 50.lbs+ & 60.lbs+ Common. Plastic corn above a bed of hemp & partiblend has proved to be a very effective method & a baitboat gives you a great advantage. DONT FORGET TO LET THEM KNOW WHERE YOU FOUND THEM
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