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2.5 acre lake with its luxury lakeside lodge is 2.5 hours from Caen & 5 hours from Calais. At the 2 lodge swims, anglers can enjoy a drink or a meal together on the lodge terrace without even having to reel in. Oakviews flat curving banks also make it comfortable for 4 anglers to tuck themselves out of sight & still have access to the island, margins & plenty of open water. The accommodation often attracts family anglers so the lake doesnt tend to suffer from continuous pressure fishing. The 2009 season saw great catch reports from experienced anglers & countless PBs from those newer to the French fishing experience. The Lake was completely drained and de silted in November 2007 & the carp were introduced in stages throughout 2008. Its roughly pear shaped with a central island in its bulge meaning that 100% of the water is fishable & 4 anglers will all have attractive swims. The banks are grassed flat & wide mature trees surround the whole complex making it a haven for wild animals. The swims are located near each corner of the lake & each of the 4 main swims has a sister swim on its adjacent bank. So every angler can switch banks at any time to take advantage of changing conditions. The lake bottom is mainly clay. There are deeper areas at both ends of the lake & a deeper trench running the length of the lake so theres plenty of underwater ridges & features to fish to. The depth range is between 4 & 7ft the water level normally drops a foot over the summer months there is very little silt so there arent any shallow no go areas. Stock: Average size of carp stocked in November 2008 was Average catch in 2009 was 25.lbs & the catch reports saw plenty of 30.lbs on the bank. The 2009 lake record was & the most fish out by single anglers in a week were 37 & 21. DONT FORGET TO LET THEM KNOW WHERE YOU FOUND THEM
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