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French Waters Details
L'Etang Rompu Tel:  

set in the middle of 75 acres of private forest just for your use. The lake span is just less than 3 acres in size and is stocked with carp & cats up to 60.lbs+ & can give you the angling holiday the whole family or small groups of friends will enjoy & savour. The lake is fed by springs & a small stream, with depths ranging from 2ft in the shallows to 11ft along the dam wall. There are 3 purpose built swims around the lake each offering the angler plenty of visiable features 2 large areas of lily pads which divide the lake up, reeds & rushes lining the margins along with over hanging trees & bushes, all providing excellent areas to fish to. The lakebed is virtually snag free & is made up mostly with hard patches & pockets of silt. DONT FORGET TO LET THEM KNOW WHERE YOU FOUND THEM
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