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Castaway Lake 1 is approx. 5 acres in size & is fed by a small stream. It has a wealth of features to challenge the angler, over hanging trees, lily pads & reed beds making it a complete fishing experience & a haven for carp & catfish. There are two double & one single swim, which are shingled to help prevent any mud being walked into your bivvy . These are set in amongst the trees & as we only have 5 anglers at a time each angler has plenty of lake to themselves & features to fish to. The lake is stocked with a good head of commons, mirrors & grass carp to 50lb & catfish in excess of 90lb. In the evening if the catfish are active you will probably hear them slapping their tails to start their feeding frenzy. To give you even more variety & 'exotic' photos to show your friends, we also have Silver carp the largest weighing 60lbs & 2 of the rare mandarin catfish the largest weighing 80lbs, We know that a lot of lakes in France have nussiance fish such as poisson chat or crayfish to bother you, but we are very lucky as we do not have any of these in our lakes. The depths of the lake range from 3ft to 7ft, & the bottom is mainly silty but also has gravel patches. If you enjoy wildlife, peace & quiet, then this is your dream lake. Approx 11 acres in size & set in the beautiful French countryside nestled amongst fields & forest the only thing to keep you awake at night is the wildlife, & the slapping of the catfish tails.We know that there are some anglers who would rather use thier own equipment so if you prefer to bring & use your own bivvy etc then you can, or alternatively you can hire it all or some from us. We have 8 purpose built swims on this lake but only allow 7 anglers. There are 2 double swims & a treble swim with a spare single swim. All swims are within easy walking distance of the caravans & car park, and easily accessible for unloading your gear. The stock in this lake consists of common & mirror carp to 60lb along with catfish to just over 190lb.There are also 2 mandarin catfish the largest 65lb.The fishing is perfect, with no poisson chat or crayfish to bother you. There are plenty of features to fish to on the lake, with overhanging trees & reed beds. The depths range from 3ft around the edge to the deepest areas around 12ft. The bottom of the lake is a sandy bottom with silt areas around the tree lines. Facilities For your comfort whilst fishing, we have put on site two 19ft caravans which provide you with toilet, shower, fridge, hob 7 oven, hot & cold water. There is also a bbq. These caravans are for the use of all anglers on the lake & are included in the price. For hire Bivvy, fishing chair, bed chair, bivvy table. 3 carp rods & bait runner reels, buzzers, pods landing net, unhooking mat, weighing scales & sling. 2 ring cooker with gas. These can be hired as a package or as individual items. DONT FORGET TO LET THEM KNOW WHERE YOU FOUND THEM
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