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French Waters Details
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over 350 years old & is bordered by mature oak trees & traditional French poplars. This old English estate looking lake has so many features including 2 islands overhanging trees reeds bays several sets of pads & a large channel between the islands & the hidden plateaus. Stock initially stocked in the winter of 1998/9 with 130 fish. Most of these were low to mid 20.lbs+ with a good head of 30.lbs+ & a sprinkling of 40.lbs+. In the winter of 2001/2 more fish were added including approximately 50 x 20.lbs+ mirrors many of these fish are now over 25.lbs+ in fact the average size of the mirrors caught last season was 25.37.lbs. The lake record common is 46.04.lbs & mirror 43.6lbs & there is a good head of fish over There are catfish between 20.lbs & 46.lbs+ & sturgeon up to 66.lbs+. DONT FORGET TO LET THEM KNOW WHERE YOU FOUND THEM
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