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Lake Perigny La Rose Tel:  
Nr Eperney  

Perigny la Rose is situated in the Champagne Ardennes region, near Epernay. This area of France is more than famous for every angler as it was the former bed of the river Seine. The route to the venue is mostly motorway very straight forward & should take about 3 hours & 30min from Calais. The lake is about 13 acres in size which has been established approximately 18 years. During the last few years Mr. Dollat Mayor of Perigny la Rose with his team have refurnished this pit & made all the banks available for fishing. The lake is totally secured with a fence covering the full 15 acres of land. There is a track that goes all around the perimeter. The swims are well spaced out with grassy areas for bivvies & rods. The banks are very smooth which give you the opportunity to fish anywhere you like. The lake bed in true gravel pit style is anything but flat with gravel bars deep holes & plateaus all over the place. Bait boats are allowed on this venue & could be an advantage for precise baiting & presentation. There is not a lot of weed a big head of grass carp do a good job at keeping it at bay. Stock: The lake has a very big head of carp that was stocked bi,annually by the mayor of Perigny la Rose until 2008. One of the nice things about the venue is the high proportion of commons present the lake record common stands at 46.lbs. The average size is between 23.lbs & 32.lbs+ with mirrors over 45.lbs+ having been banked. There is a very healthy head of 30.lbs+ carp. DONT FORGET TO LET THEM KNOW WHERE YOU FOUND THEM
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