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French Waters Details
Priory Carp Lake Tel: 0033 785 333203
Deux Etangs, Chez Frappiex, Thouron, 87140  
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9 acres with an average depth of 10ft the deepest point being 16ft. The lake is surrounded by trees. Priory Carp Lake has never been open to the public. It was originally a fish farm, which was last used in 1975. The lake has never been drained & so far has provided some real surprises there is a good stock of Mirror Carp & Common Carp, the largest at 27kg with many above 20kg. All baits are fresh Boilies only made at the lake, full range of Nutrabaits available on site at 10 Euros per kg. All pellets available as well i.e Trigga or Trigga Ice. Priory Carp Lakes has a fully equipped fishing lodge, Facilities include, Toilets, Shower, Log Burner & Television. DONT FORGET TO LET THEM KNOW WHERE YOU FOUND THEM
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