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Gigantica Tel:  
Saint Christophe  Dodinico

I have changed the name to Gigantica to represent the huge carp that swim there the long term plan is to create a lake with only big fish in it long term professional fishery management will achieve this something the lake has not benefited from before. Gigantica is & will always be a serious carp water for the dedicated carp angler wishing to fish a proper lake with plenty of room we have dropped the maximum number of anglers down from 26 to only 12. Previous stock suggested between 300 & 600 fish. Detailed catch reports began in August last year our best week since then produced 90 fish, including the lake record The Giant at 72.5Lbs. Huge changes have been made to the lake this winter all the swims have been rebuilt there is a new toilet block plus a luxury heated wet room for showering & shaving. This site is packed full of information about the venue the fish the best rigs & baits, how to book your fishing there. I hope you enjoy it & that we see you at Gigantica very soon. Tight lines. Danny. DONT FORGET TO LET THEM KNOW WHERE YOU FOUND THEM
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