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This tree lined lake is 9 acres in size & rectangular in shape, allowing all sides to be fished with ease. Straight down the middle of the lake there is a row of tree clad islands giving all anglers several features to fish to, including bars, island edges, narrow gullies & over hanging trees. The islands also provide a good degree of privacy from the other anglers on the opposite bank. Depths range from 2.5 to 10 feet, we have also created several bars & channels at the shallower end of the lake. The water is snag & weed free & contains NO nuisance fish with the exception of a few crayfish. The South side of the lake is bordered by our own dense mature wood. Providing shade during the hottest part of the day ideal for those who dont like too much heat and sun. The lake has 13 purpose built level & safe swims. ALL of which should accommodate the largest of bivvies. Swims 6 & 7, or 9 & 10, would be ideal for use by any angler who is overseeing a youngster or novice who prefers to fish on a separate swim. Swims 9, 10, 11 & 12 are under the canopy of the edge of the wood & ideal for those who prefer to keep cool in the Summer. Swims 1 to 5 are eminently suitable for sun lovers. The shallows at the western end of the lake can be very productive as the water warms up. Because the lake is so heavily stocked, it may be necessary to run the aeration pumps for short periods during particularly hot weather. This could result in the temporary closure of swims 1 or 12 & 13. Although this may sound like an inconvenience the aeration of the water often induces heavy feeding spells in the fish shortly after the pumps have been run. There is a small cabin shown on the above plan on the Eastern end of the lake at the back of swims 6 & 7. It includes a patio table & chairs for inside or outside use. It will also be useful for storage of items not required on the bank. This cabin will comfortably accommodate 2 bedchairs. DONT FORGET TO LET THE VENUE OWNERS KNOW WHERE YOU FOUND THEM
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