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NEW FOR 2011 Lac Clement is a stunning 7 acre lake close to the historic town of Mortain within a comfortable distance of all the ferry ports. Having never been used as a commercial fishery we have spent the last 2 years developing the lake creating the perfect environment for the carp angler. The fish have been fed for the last 2 years since they were stocked & have seen very little pressure in that time most of them have never been caught judging by the fish that have been caught growth rates have been exceptional & we will see a large amount of big carp caught with plenty of action in our first season. We are a father & son team who having spent many years searching for the right lake & after a lot of heartache finally found the place we were looking for. We are now looking forward to seeing people enjoying their fishing on our fantastic fishery which for us is what its all about. At around 7 acres the lake varies in depths from 2 to 14 ft at the deeper dam end & the average depth is around 7 ft. There is no weed to contend with & the bottom varies from silt spots to rock & gravel. Because the lake is spring fed & with constant flow from the surrounding stream, water is constantly running through providing oxygen & keeping the depth at a set level. We have created 8 purpose built swims each with plenty of water & limit the number of anglers to 5 for idividual bookings & 6 for groups giving each angler lots of space & the opportunity to move if necessary. DONT FORGET TO LET OUR LAKE OWNERS KNOW WHERE YOU FOUND THEM
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