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French Waters Details
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Old Pollard Lake offers everything you need. Dutch management short commute 280km Breda an electronic format where angling by boat can be fished with an excellent resistance accommodation right on the water shower toilet electricity & lots of scenery. You will find Old Pollard Lake just over the Belgian, French border just 2.5hours drive from Breda. The water is surrounded by meadows in the rolling countryside of the French Ardennes. Sheltered by ancient willow trees Pollard & high water counts alder 3 hectares. The base course is proportional to 1 to 2 meters with some deeper holes the sources for the cuttings is in the construction of the lake bottom, 12 meters up from the side deepened & can always keep neat whose Fri To prevent tree roots or in whom the fish is lost the emergency boat used for the angler to retrieve remember the life jacket that is made available. The north shore is somewhat shallow & offers a variety of fishing spots right under the willow roots. Stock Carp. DONT FORGET TO LET THEM KNOW WHERE YOU FOUND THEM
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