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Mayflower Pool. Quickly that turns to anticipation as you see and hear the big carp crashing out of the water around the lake. It is this combination of tranquillity & the excitement of huge carp that makes Mayflower Pool so unique. Whether you are a seasoned carp angler, or someone on their first overseas trip, combining superb fishing in beautiful surroundings warm & friendly staff will provide you with memories to treasure forever. Until 2003 Mayflower Pool was selfishly kept for our personal fishing. Now we are making this superb 10 acre lake available to 6 lucky anglers per week. With nearly 2 acres of available water for each angler there is freedom to enjoy your holiday to its maximum. Mayflower Pool is set in beautiful, peaceful surroundings within the Corrèze region of France. Situated down a long nothrough lane surrounded by woods & meadows. We have built our reputation on growing on big fish to become huge fish. To these ends we drained the lake once purchased & all the existing carp & silver fish were removed. When that task was completed we refilled the lake after liming & fertilising the lake bed. This was then left to stabilise before restocking. We now only use one source for our lakes. Many years ago this fish farmer cross bred high backed Romanian carp with the local deep bellied fish, these carp in the right environment, achieve phenomenal growth rates. We initially introduced over 200 of these young fast growing carp into Mayflower Pool. All carp were over 20.lbs with 40 over 30.lbs 4 over 40.lbs 1 over 50.lbs. As we predicted, these fish have all grown on & we are seeing a spectacular number of big carp caught every week. Facilities, Onsite facilities include toilet & hot shower kitchen area & fridge. Our English bailiff has lived in the village at the top of the lane for the past 3 years & is always on hand to help & advise you when requested. Mayflower has undergone our usual fishery management improvements. We are not content with buying fisheries putting more stock in with the existing fish then opening it to the public. We cant promise you that you will achieve these results however we can guarantee that the stocks are there for you to catch. For all the above reasons together with Mirror Pool Fisheries reputation built over the past 6 years for providing fishing holidays to the highest standard you can be sure of a holiday to remember. DONT FORGET TO LET THEM KNOW WHERE YOU FOUND THEM
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