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Description, They will pick you up on a Friday night from a secure car park in Folkestone . Then youre taken to the complex on board a luxury 56 seat air conditioned coach with TV video drinks facilities a toilet. The coach is driven by 2 professional licensed drivers so there is no danger of driving fatigue making the journey as stress free & comfortable as possible. On arriving we will unload at the lodge where you will be greeted with a cup of tea. Here you can chat to anglers already at the complex about the fishing & last weeks catches. We then give all new arrivals an hour or so to walk around the complex allowing you to ear mark potential swims. Once everyone returns to the patio the selection of swims, lakes will begin with No.1 starting working through to the last drawn number Lakes, The 4 lakes themselves are all well established gravel pits which have been allowed to mature naturally. Most swims are enclosed by lush vegetation & the lakes margins are lined with mature trees & bushes perfect for the carp. In fact weve spent endless hours watching carp to over 60lbs browsing at our feet. The lakes are large enough to allow quiet, uninterrupted fishing without being too large to put the fish out of range. Indeed. English tackle is perfectly adequate for the Les Quis Complex but be prepared for the fight of a lifetime the Les Quis residents are renowned for their incredible fighting abilities. DONT FORGET TO LET THEM KNOW WHERE YOU FOUND THEM
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