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The Le Queroy lakes date back 100 of years & when we first moved to the property centuries of silt was suffocating the waters stunting the growth of the fish. Over the next 2 years we cleared the silt & revitalised the waters. We then re introduced the best of the strains rare long bodied mirrors with the most amazing scale formations a silver strained variety & finally a golden bellied deep bodied Italian strain. Most of the fish in the main lake are 30.lbs to 45.lbs mirrors, leather & common carp but there are some mirrors to nearly 50.lbs. There are also 14 grass carp to 40.lbs. These are fast powerful fish to land. There is 1 catfish of around 80.lbs. The lake covers some 5 acres & is 3.25 metres at its deepest point. There are 8 swims & 3 of these can comfortably take 2 bivvies. A second smaller lake of 1.25 acres currently contains a handful of specimen carp to almost 60.lbs & 1 X 40.lbs+ catfish. We have also a new larger lake which has been stocked & is now open for fishing. We take great pride in our lake management skills. We net the lakes every year to remove roach & smaller carp. In January 2007 we removed carp below 27.lbs. This still left over 2000 kilos of carp in the lake. The growth rates have been astounding. The best catch for a group in 2006 was 3.974.lbs 1803 kilos. The lakes & surrounding meadows are entirely owned by us. The fishing is exclusively for those who hire the Lodge. 6 is the maximum number of people permitted per holiday anglers & guests. DONT FORGET TO LET THEM KNOW WHERE YOU FOUND THEM
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