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The new Labyrinth fishery nestles amongst 100 acres of wild, overgrown woodland in the famous Yonne valley. It comprises 1 beautiful intriguingly shaped lake of nearly 60 acres another of 6 acres & 1 mile of the River Yonne. Stock, there are about 400 carp in the main lake at present & this is made up of about 150 original fish & a further 250 that have been introduced. We intend to stock another 100 fish in the not too distant future. A photographic record is being kept of as many fish as possible & this shows more & more originals still being caught. The lake record is not expected to stand very long & the fishery should produce its first 60 quite soon especially as there has been several reliable sightings of at least 1 huge original common? In addition to the carp stock there are a few catfish present & although these average only 40.lbs a huge fish of well over was seen, hooked & lost & soon adopted the name of the Minotaur the guardian of the Labyrinth. DONT FORGET TO LET THEM KNOW WHERE YOU FOUND THEM
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