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French Waters Details
La Petite Martiniere Tel:  

Before 2010 the lake had never been used as a commercial fishery, indeed it was originally constructed as an irrigation water source & source of food they still eat Carp in France for the then horticultural owners. It is a total of 1.5 acres depths between 50cm & 180cm with the average depth around 140cm. Privately owned & the lake is spring fed at 3 separate points which under French law allows legal night fishing with no permits being necessary. There are 6 swims 3 of which are platforms & 3 hard standing, with the opportunity to set up from the banks in other areas there is space on 2of the hard swims for a double bivvy & the other hard swim will house a single bivvy. DONT FORGET TO LET THEM KNOW WHERE YOU FOUND THEM
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